Are you ready for the World Cup Team Token revolution

The WORLD CUP will be watched by billions across the world and it is expected that during the World Cup, fan tokens will become the new hype as predicted by CZ himself. Pick your team wisely as the potential to see a 100x or more becomes a reality as your chosen team hopefully progresses to the Finals.

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World Cup begins in




Brazil Inu


England Inu


France Inu



Over the next two months as the World Cup begins and Progresses, team fan tokens are predicted to become some of the biggest tokens in the crypto space.

The team at World Cup Inu Tokens is in prime position to take advantage of this new hype by launching several TEAM inu tokens and unique use-case NFT’s to capitalise on the upcoming biggest event of the year, the 2022 Qatar football World Cup.

We have specifically picked the top 3 teams who have the most chance of winning the world cup, to allow our followers to ride the free marketing wave and the enormous hype it will bring.

We also have a huge surprise for the holders of the winning team, who will benefit hugely from the NFT use case and much more.

NFT's (coming soon)


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Stealth Launch



Phase 1
- Launch website
- Deployment of smart contracts
- Early marketing
- Community building and
- Stealth launch of first token
- Uniswap exchange list
Phase 2
- Heavy marketing
- 4000 members on telegram
- Launch of other tokens
- Major partnerships
Phase 3
- World cup begins
- Player endorsements
- Trending across all platforms
- 10,000 members on telegram
Phase 4
- NFT’s launch
- Game development
- Brand collabs
- Cex listing before Final’s


The 2022 football world cup being held in Qatar will be the biggest sporting event of the year and is expected to launch team tokens to the moon as the football teams progress through the stages of the World Cup.

The team is made up of 14 highly experienced individuals ranging from developers, designers, marketers and social media managers from all over the world including England, France, Greece, Qatar and Canada and we are constantly adding more experienced individuals as we go along. Three of our team members are especially important as they have inside links with people in Qatar where the World Cup will be held. The team also aim to release surprises in terms of development as the World Cup progresses.

NFT’s will be launched at the perfect timing either just before the World Cup begins or directly after to allow them to grow in value as the chosen team represented by the NFT progresses. All funds raised from the NFT will also go towards the buy back and burn of the winning team’s token.

BRAZIL INU: 0x568d77b90622e5be0ae4132edc87e07188f6c19d


FRANCE INU: 0x38EC125E6271B343d84529E9Ca8C2481E3B194E5


ENGLAND INU: 0x43EA5E04E5ca81f75D9B16161914E1BD02bc91e9



Liquidity will be locked and zero team tokens to ensure safety for investors. Audit will also be completed on the contract.


Team Ecosystem

Multiple teams to choose from which will allow future utilities to be added in the form of play to earn games and sports betting.


Mass Marketing

Our aim is to bring a World Cup revolution to Crypto, with everyone having profile pictures based on the team they support and huge marketing in Qatar with advertisment billboards. To do this, we have enlisted the help of marketing partners within the city of Qatar to bring this vision into reality.

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